Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tilted Hulk

This a pen & ink drawing that I made in early 2008.  I've got a whole series of these. I drew them all, very quickly, one after the next after the next. When I was done with one, I ripped the page off the pad and started another. I continued like this for about ten drawings...then I felt  spent.  Working with pen & ink like this has some inherent problems.

First, there are all the interruptions caused by having to reload my ink by dipping it into the ink bottle. My having to reload my pen every 15 seconds actually has an effect on how the artwork looks; it looks like it's...full of interruptions....which is a look that I like! But mentally, it becomes a nuisance. That's why I switched over to Sharpies a while ago, so I could draw away, smooth as butter, without having to worry about my pen drying out, or my flow of creativity running up against a sandbag.

Now I'm back doing pen and ink...and I like the results. I'll post more of my pen & ink "doodles" as time goes on.

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