Monday, September 27, 2010

Mother Nature Saves The Day

(Ink, goache, colored pencil, & Sharpie on foam core)  Roughly 2' x 3' in size.  I'd created this piece in March of 2010 specifically for a show about "Earth Day". It was rejected, because of it's over-active design, and for some graffitti I'd posted in various places with Sharpie --but also probably because I'd painted it on foam core, a material you buy as office supply stores!  One graffitto says "Save the f**king world already!", while another says "I fight Evil in the nude!" (I've blurred the offending text) Chock it up to too much comic book thinking, but I thought it was great.  It's basically a design with some "Mother Nature" superhero character surrounded by all kinds of life growing, evolving, spurting, and floating all over the place. The curators of the show were worried that schools that take their classes to this gallery on field trips might be offended.  Perhaps they would...but perhaps they might also think it's hilarious and full of spunk! No dice. "Mother Nature Saves The Day" was consigned to the compost heap. (Not really, it'll just have to resurface in a more appreciative environment) 

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