Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mutant Turkey Man!

Art as as ongoing aesthetic exploration in mixing comics and fine art.  This painting reminds me on those old Japanese monster movies, like Godzilla: the cityscape in the background, the creature in the foreground; the "heroic" composition, looking up at the figure....yes, comic books have definitely influenced how I look at art. To me, this looks like it could be the cover of some odd sci-fi story magazine, or some off-beat movie poster.  This painting is actually painted over another painting ...which was painted over another painting.  This is what accounts for this piece's chunky built-up texture.  Once again, I stuck with a color scheme that reminds me of...Spiderman!  Of course, that's not what I was thinking when I made this painting; I was thinking of shapes and forms. The comic book quality is what happens at the very end, when I'm tying everying together.  But what lies under this picture, as far as composition, and color, and the same that girds the a million others: a solid abstract foundation.  That's really the main thing.

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