Friday, September 24, 2010

Nighttime Floaters

(Acrylic on unstretched canvas) I painted this several years ago, and it no longer exists...I've since painted over it. But I include it here to show how, at some point, I became interested in started a painting with a series of abstract shapes, instead of starting from a sketch and transferring it to canvas, as is the method used by many (less brave!) painters. I usually create the shapes as a result of drawing (with a fully loaded paintbrush) all sorts of intersecting lines and shapes on the canvas, and then, choosing the ones that appeal to me or are part of a general compositional sweep (say, as in this case, they are all part of an upwards movement going from lower left to upper right) From this point, I can either leave it alone (as I've done here), or I can turn these shapes into recognizable things, and thus come up with some sort of story or narrative...then the narrative would be what the picture is "about". But even without a narrative, the picture is about a series of shapes and their interrelation with each other.  That alone constitutes another world in which you can totally get absorbed.  I find this picture very calming. I'd used several layers of light washes to create the blue and purple tones in this piece.

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