Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Abstract Chunky Style

This piece is a sample of my newest painted work (painted in late August, 2010). It is acrylic on canvas, roughly 2.5' x 3.5' in size. It is part of a series of "abstract" work. This series I'd created based on a request. So...this is the lastest example of the type of work I do as an artist. I've always gone back to the qualities of superhero comic books, which were my first introduction to art, back when I was just a kid. The attaction of rough chunky forms, bold colors...basically, the whole "muscular" quality of it all, still inspires me. I've lived in the Lower Sonoran Desert for most of my life, the the shapes and forms of the landscape and scenery (mountains, rocks, cactus) have obviously inspired this whimsical and imaginary painting, which you see here. More about how I create these images, next time.

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