Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sentient Clouds

"Sentient Clouds", mixed media on paper, 18" x 24" (created Nov. 2010).  This picture started as a series of random marks, squiggles, doodles, gestures, and icons, and I worked straight through at a fast rate until completion. As I worked this drawing, it evolved:  I grouped clusters of marks into shapes, and then continued adding more marks, patterns, and shading. Disparate marks and patterns came together to form a cluster...and those clusters I grouped into still larger clusters.  In this way, this work felt very organic--since it grew naturally! It reminded me of one of those "Sim Life" games. I was under a time limit with this drawing, so I had to resolve it quickly. Thus, I cut out a cartoon painting from one of my sketchbooks and collaged it into the picture (for a focal point), and also added some additional color. Working through a drawing like this really feels like a marathon. When I was done with it, I felt spent!

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